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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes for Adults

Challenge Yourself, Build Confidence, and Master Self-Defense

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes offer the perfect blend of fitness, discipline, and practical techniques for teens (ages 15+) and adults of all experience levels.

Build Confidence & Skills for Life

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) program isn’t just about self-defense, it’s about empowering you. Whether you’re seeking a new challenge or looking to build confidence and life skills, Gracie Barra West Jordan offers a welcoming environment for all.

Benefits of BJJ for Adults

  • Develop Practical Self-Defense Skills: Learn effective techniques to defend yourself in real-world situations.
  • Boost Fitness & Coordination: Build strength, flexibility, agility, and overall physical prowess through dynamic BJJ movements.
  • Increase Confidence & Self-Control: Master new skills, overcome challenges, and gain self-assuredness on and off the mats.
  • Enhance Discipline & Respect: Cultivate focus, dedication, and respect for yourself, instructors, and training partners.
  • Sharpen Focus & Attention: Consistent training improves concentration and helps you stay present in the moment.
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Prof. Seidler Rodrigo and part of Gracie Barra West Jordan students
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Martial arts classes in Utah

Your Journey to Confidence & Life Skills Starts Here

BJJ Fundamentals

Ready to unlock the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the ground up? Our BJJ Fundamentals program is your launchpad! Here, you’ll embark on a journey to master the core principles that underpin this dynamic martial art. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to sharpen your existing skills, our fundamentals classes provide a solid foundation for your BJJ growth.

What will you learn?

  • Essential Techniques: You’ll gain a strong understanding of fundamental BJJ movements, escapes, sweeps, and submissions. Imagine confidently controlling your opponent and executing effective techniques with precision.
  • Movement Fundamentals: Develop a solid foundation in BJJ-specific movement patterns. This includes posture control, balance, and proper body mechanics – all crucial for success on the mats.
  • Practical Self-Defense: Learn practical self-defense strategies that can be applied in real-world situations. Gain the confidence to know you can defend yourself effectively.
  • Building Confidence: As you master new skills and overcome challenges, your self-confidence will naturally soar. This newfound confidence spills over into all aspects of your life.
bjj classes for adults
BJJ classes for adults
bjj classes in west jordan
Gracie Barra West Jordan has the biggest mat in the whole valley
jiujitsu in utah
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in West Jordan
bjj classes for women
BJJ classes for women

BJJ Advanced

Ever feel the urge to push your BJJ skills to the limit? Our Advanced BJJ program is designed for those who’ve built a solid foundation and are ready to explode onto the next level. Here, you’ll refine your technique to razor-sharp precision, develop strategic thinking like a seasoned grappler, and delve into the intricacies of complex movements.

What sets our Advanced BJJ training apart?

  • Masterful Technique: Sharpen your existing skills through advanced drills and techniques, transforming your movements from good to unforgettable.
  • Strategic Brilliance: Learn to think like a champion. We’ll train you to analyze situations, exploit weaknesses, and develop winning fight strategies.
  • Advanced Movement Exploration: Go beyond the basics and unlock a world of complex transitions, takedowns, and submissions. Discover the hidden depths of BJJ and expand your tactical arsenal.
  • Competition Ready: If competition is your calling, we’ll provide expert guidance and training to help you dominate on the tournament scene.
  • Lifelong Learning: The journey of BJJ mastery never ends. Our advanced program fosters a growth mindset, encouraging you to continuously learn, adapt, and evolve your skills.

Gracie Barra is like a big family, open to people of all ages and backgrounds!


A Closer Look at the Gracie Barra Method

Gracie Barra’s approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, honed by Grand Master Carlos Gracie and continually refined under the leadership of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., is renowned for its effectiveness and accessibility. This method emphasizes a structured curriculum, technique-focused drilling, and live sparring sessions.

Here are the core principles that define the Gracie Barra method:

  • Structured Curriculum: Our curriculum, meticulously developed under the guidance of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., is designed for a progressive learning experience. You’ll build a strong foundation of fundamental techniques before advancing to more complex skills.
  • Technique-Focused Drilling: Repetition is key to mastering Jiu-Jitsu. Through focused drilling, you’ll refine your technique, develop muscle memory, and gain confidence in your abilities.
  • Live Sparring: Putting your skills to the test in a controlled environment is essential for real-world application. Live sparring sessions allow you to practice techniques under pressure, develop strategic thinking, and experience the dynamic nature of Jiu-Jitsu.

Why Choose Gracie Barra West Jordan as your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Utah?

Gracie Barra West Jordan is more than just a Jiu-Jitsu school. We’re part of a legacy established by the Gracie Family, renowned for developing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our curriculum is structured and led by certified instructors, ensuring you learn effective techniques in a safe environment. At Gracie Barra, you’ll not only develop valuable self-defense skills but also become part of a welcoming and supportive community that motivates and inspires you on your Jiu-Jitsu journey.

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BJJ is the best self defense method for women
martial arts in utah
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can give you friends for life

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a dynamic martial art renowned for its focus on technique over strength, making it accessible to practitioners of all levels. At our academy, we offer classes tailored to beginners and experienced individuals alike. Whether you’re looking to improve your self-defense skills, enhance your fitness, or engage in a challenging activity, our martial arts near you provide the perfect environment to achieve your goals. Join us and experience the transformative power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids and Teens

Introduce your child to the fundamentals of BJJ in a fun and engaging program. Our classes focus on building confidence, discipline, coordination, and valuable self-defense skills in a safe and supportive environment. Watch them develop a love for learning and a foundation for a healthy lifestyle!


Our Passionate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructors​

At Gracie Barra West Jordan, all our BJJ instructors are certified through the Gracie Barra Instructor Certification Program (ICP). This rigorous program ensures they possess the highest level of knowledge, teaching skills, and leadership qualities. Also, all our instructors have their background checked and receive CPR training. Through ICP, they gain access to cutting-edge techniques, proven teaching methods, and ongoing support from the Gracie Barra team. This dedication to continuous improvement allows them to effectively guide you on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey in Utah.

Prof. Seidler Rodrigo's International Certificate Program 2024

Gracie Barra's Community

With over 1,000 schools worldwide, Gracie Barra offers a global community dedicated to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our family-oriented environment is a perfect place to learn and develop self-confidence and self-discipline. Our clean, friendly, and progress-minded environment allows for both a challenging and inspirational learning and training experience that aims to encourage and make students excited to come back. Gracie Barra is for anyone who values discipline, wellness, martial arts, and respect. We are sure you will find an exciting and challenging place that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals. Bring your family to experience a unique lifestyle!

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Premium Certification

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

The Gracie Barra Premium School award is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon select Gracie Barra schools that demonstrate exceptional standards of excellence in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu education and community engagement. This award signifies a commitment to upholding the core values of Gracie Barra, including integrity, respect, and continuous improvement. 

Gracie Barra Premium Schools are distinguished by their dedication to providing students with the highest quality of instruction, fostering a positive and inclusive training environment, and actively contributing to the growth and promotion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu within their communities. Earning the Gracie Barra Premium School award is a testament to a school’s dedication to excellence and its role as a leader in the global Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. 

Gracie Barra West Jordan has been awarded a Premium BJJ School every year since 2022!


jess gainer
jess gainer
This school is amazing. I’ve studied jiu jitsu for several years and have been to many schools. The people here are truly passionate about the art, and more importantly, about their people. Would highly recommend.
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez
My son loves going to this place.
Jones Puig
Jones Puig
Best place to training I’m impressed, the professor are knowledgeable and staff is really professional, I totally recommend this place to training
Kristin LaBruzza
Kristin LaBruzza
My kids have been coming to this gym for about 6 months now. We were at another gracie gym before this one. While we did like the last gym, we love this one for our kids. The instructors are very attentive, and strict, but so kind. I have seen a difference in my kids' behavior since coming here. The gym is always clean and looks and smells nice. I'm always greeted warmly at the front desk. I love that there are color options for the kids to choose for their gi. There is a competition this weekend, and I love how the instructors talked to the kids about having respect at the competition, and to use it as a learning experience and not to be so overly focused on winning. I have recently started their women's self defense class at the Salt Lake location. I see the same great qualities at that gym as well. I was nervous about taking the class, but shouldn't have been. It is so much fun. The instructor is great at teaching each move and having fun while doing it. If you are thinking of having your kids or yourself train, I highly recommend this gym.
Joseph Lambert
Joseph Lambert
TRY THIS GYM!! If you have ever thought about training, this is the place for you. Amazing professors, coaches, staff, and other members. Very clean facility, which is a must-have with contact sports.
Joining Gracie Barra was the best decision of my life, profesor Rodrigo and Dani run the gym amazingly and profesor Carlos Daniel and profesor Eliezer give incredible classes that work for both self defense and sport jiu jitsu. 100% recommended!
Siew Burgess
Siew Burgess
We signed up our very active 5 year old and have enjoyed the experience. The instructors for the “tiny champs” are engaging and patient, while also teaching discipline and focus. We look forward to seeing our son grow and learn his moves! Daniela at the front desk is kind and friendly, we are always happy to see her.


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